Hello, radiant souls! I'm Kristalin, a storyteller and marketing maestro, weaving through the vibrant chaos of being a Black, queer, femme, and polyamorous creative mama under the sun-drenched skies of Phoenix, AZ.

Since graduating from the University of Phoenix in 2013, I've navigated the realms of marketing with a specialty in data analytics, marketing analysis, presentation, and rebranding, crafting strategies and stories in equal measure.

My life, a rich tapestry of love in all its forms, intertwines with my writings that dance through parenting, mental health, creative writing, poetry, polyamory, work-life balance, and spirituality, all to the unique rhythm of my non-religious perspective. Off the clock, you'll find me immersed in horror movies, tending to my (currently non existent) garden, crafting, or penning my first children’s book, 'Under One Sky.'

 Join me as we explore, create, and celebrate every hue of our multifaceted journeys and authentic selves. Let’s connect and traverse through this beautiful, chaotic life together.

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Desert Queen KG

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Phoenix-based, queer, Black, polyamorous mom of two. Authentically approaching parenting, mental health, creativity and more. Follow my journey!